Enhancing safety on the roads is one of Honda's top priorities. We firmly believe that the realisation of a comfortable and an enjoyable mobile society depends on the mutual trust that automobile manufacturers like us, share with the consumers and society.

At Honda, we use a three prong approach, based on preventing accidents from happening in the first place, minimizing injury in the unlikely event of an accident and our Driving Safety Promotion operations.

Honda's safety philosophy emphasizes the development of appropriate technologies for its products, so as to ultimately achieve maximum riding comfort for its customers. Honda was the first manufacturer in Japan to develop and apply the anti-lock brake system. Educating the world, Honda is actively involved with driving education across the world for promoting traffic safety.

The Honda Driving Simulator & the Honda Riding Simulator

These virtual-reality systems are designed to heighten the user's ability to anticipate and foresee danger. Featuring the latest in mechatronics and contents technology, these simulators allow drivers and riders to experience danger while remaining safe.

ASV-2 Vehicles (Active Safety Research Vehicle and Passive Safety Research Vehicle)

Honda's development of Active Safety Research Vehicles began in 1991. Our aim is to help the driver predict and prevent danger using enhanced information support, besides providing improved visibility and puncture resistance. In the Passive Safety Research Vehicle, we are researching areas such as motorcycle airbags and impact absorbing helmets. We are also working on an information communications system to be used with both motorcycles and automobiles.